Emotions and experiences of parents of children with liver transplants: A qualitative study




Anahtar Kelimeler:

Children, emotion, experience, liver transplantation, parent


Purpose: This study was conducted to determine the feelings and experiences of parents of children who underwent liver transplantation.

Method: The study was carried out between July 2019 and October 2021 at the liver transplant institute of a university in eastern Turkey. The population of the research consisted of the parents of 14 children (N=28) hospitalized in the clinic. Purposive sampling was used as the sampling method and 22 parents were included in the study. The data were collected face to face by the researchers with a survey and a semi-structured form and analyzed using the thematic (descriptive) analysis method.

Results: From parents' experiences; emotions (Sadness, Fear/Anxiety, Helplessness, Regret, Joy/Happiness, Hope/Despair, Guilt, Distress), family relationships (Conflict between family members, Inability to spare time for other children, Role change), social relationships (social isolation) and financial Four main themes were created: challenges. As a result of the study, it was determined that mothers experienced feelings of sadness, disappointment, guilt and helplessness when they first learned about their child's diagnosis, while fathers were very upset. It was determined that when the mothers were told that they needed an organ transplant, they saw this as a ray of hope and salvation from the disease and applied to become donors. It was determined that all fathers quit their jobs due to their children's illness and experienced financial difficulties.

Conclusion: It was determined that parents whose children received liver transplantation mostly felt sad and experienced difficulties. In order for nurses caring for children undergoing liver transplantation to provide holistic and family-centered care, it is important to determine the needs of parents during the transplantation process and implement the necessary nursing interventions.


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